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Judith, The Bear

Judith, The Bear

Be the heart of their passion.

As the bears gather in the grassy meadows of Tiergarten in Berlin, a storm of passion and rage gathers overhead. Tangled up in events of the past and hurtling toward an uncertain future, Judith finds her comfort in the arms of an ancient bear. But her burden is great, and the pale bear is pursuing love and affection to fill the void left in her heart after being abandoned as a child. Admissions of love and vows of vengeance mark the twisted path of the bears while wolves and ravens linger in plain sight, and Judith embodies their troubled beating heart.


Victoria once promised Ronin that his youngest daughter, Sara, wasn't a singularity. It was something that troubled him enough that he left it out of his notes and journals, but he searched Germany and Austria for answers and then hid what he discovered from everyone.

A trip to Berlin exposes Sable to a local pack of wulfs that want to prove themselves to the dominant American woman. She witnesses the folly of their fury and the inferiority of her distant kindred, and Sable starts to realize how different she and her father have always been.

United by passion and mutual seduction, Sara and Judith fall into lust with each other in Berlin. Their passion is short lived though, and Sara always wonders what happened to her affectionate German lover. Sable will never tell though, for fear of the consequences.

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"Bear Truths (A Judith Story)"

Cherish Desire: Very Wicked Dirty Stories Free Erotica Series: Bear Truths (A Judith Story), HTML, Max, erotica Cherish Desire: Very Wicked Dirty Stories Free Erotica Series: Bear Truths (A Judith Story), PDF, Max, erotica Cherish Desire: Very Wicked Dirty Stories Free Erotica Series: Bear Truths (A Judith Story), Smashwords, Max, erotica

Very Wicked Dirty Stories #141

"Sun and Moon 1 (A Heather Story)"

YueMei discovers that London has beasts that tempt her lust. A chance encounter with Ronin and his lioness becomes so much more when she experiences the phantom sensations of his thrusting fist. [Includes: MF, Shapeshifter, Paranormal, Vaginal & Oral & Implied Anal Penetration, Fingering & Implied Fisting, Biting & Clawing, Rough Sex, Bondage & Restraints]

"Raven's Kiss (A Raina Story)"

Desiring Raina's affection is a dangerous gamble that can go so very right. His fortunate bear fortitude encourages her dark pleasures because she delights in tearing the meat from his bones. [Includes: MF, Fingering, Biting & Clawing, Shapeshifter]

"Bear Truths (A Judith Story)"

Erik's one night stand from a Berlin nightclub turns out to be more than his match. One admonishment from Judith leaves him bleeding and uncomfortable visiting Berlin again. [Includes: MF, Shapeshifter, Vaginal Sex, Biting & Clawing]

"The Wulf's Shadow (An Alexi & Andrea Story)"

In Andrea's arms, Tom can enjoy her lust and her desire while she shows off her readiness for his pleasure. What Tom can't explain is the darkness and knowledge that has returned within him and the urgent need to protect his family. [Includes: MF, Vaginal & Oral & Anal Sex, Implied Dildo Play & Wearing, Implied Vaginal & Anal Penetration, Implied Fingering & Fisting & Double Fisting, Implied MFF, Implied Equine, Implied Shapeshifter]

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Cherish Desire Divinations: The Bear (The Complete Five Part Series) featuring Judith, Coming Soon, Max, erotica, shapeshifter

Coming Soon: Cherish Desire Divinations:
The Bear (The Complete Five Part Series) featuring Judith

Berlin was never a safe haven for the heart of Bears.

Erik was right to be wary of Berlin - the legacy of bears runs deep in the fractured city. Judith and Adler watch with caution while wolves prowl the streets, and Ilsa declares war on the other shapeshifters. The tender affection shared between the heart of the bears and Ronin's youngest daughter was not meant to be as a young wolf pack seeks violent means to impress Sable. Having finally stumbled across the reincarnation of his great love, Adler is at a loss as the situation tumbles out of control and the ancient passions of his past act out their tragedy play on a new stage while he tries to save what he can. The vengeance of the ravens triggers the flight of the bears to Hamburg, but the taint of Ilsa's rage cannot be escaped.

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