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Character Talks: Emily (2012)

Character Talks: Emily (2012)

Meet Emily

Emily had lost everything... and then she met Tom. What started out as her usual attempt to avoid lonely night at home blossomed into much more than the one night stand Emily expected. And Tom's affection for the blonde who wants so much to please him leads them to a long term affair that gives Emily time to pursue stretching and stuffing her pussy and bottom for her master's enjoyment. With Tom's unswerving support, his strength enables Emily to truly love again. Emily discovers that her life is far from over, and she can embrace Helen and accept her lover's adoration while sharing her awe and genuine pleasure exploring the joys a woman's caresses.

Get Beneath the Surface

Good things can happen. Tom sees her awkwardly standing at the bar, trying to blend in, and invites her to join him. When Emily discovers that this is not just another one night stand and that he genuinely wants her, her barriers come down and thus begins a sexual awakening that leads her to love which she never thought was possible.

This is the setting, in a bar connected to a hotel in northern New Jersey, where Emily discovers that she doesn't have to settle for flings without friendship. The difficulty, of course, is that being with Tom isn't easy for anyone. Her expectations and fantasies are a big part of their early relationship as he tries to harness her enthusiasm while nurturing her passion.

Having a Master makes all the difference.

Cherish Desire Ladies: Emily

Go Behind The Scenes

"Character Talks: Emily (2012)" is part of the original series of Character Talks discussing the experiences and relationships of individual Cherish Desire ladies in 2012.

The Emily he cared for...

Stories published in Very Dirty Stories titles don't necessary go in any specific order. Unlike a serial comic, erotica evolves in organic ways that reflect how relationships form, change, and fade only to be inspired by new experiences and passions that begin the cycle again. So a complex storyline - and what relationship isn't complex? - can take a while to sort itself out and find the words to express its intentions. After that, the story still has to be written down, reviewed, edited, and... shortly after publishing... then there's that a-ha moment because there are always a few really important asides or scenes which still remain to be written and sorted and need to be published next.

The benefit of Very Dirty Stories titles ties back to the conversational way we share stories now - in social media and in person. The short stories stand on their own, and there's no need to delay until every subplot and side adventure is captured. The incongruity of the order of the stories becomes a wonderful Catch 22 though - as any Angel fan will tell you after trying to sort out what came before or after one of her sexy misadventures. In casual conversation, we do much the same. The narratives of our lives are glimpses and not lengthy discourses. We share statuses without feeling the urge to express the nuance and depth that underlies an emoji. So this way of telling stories is very much aligned with how we listen to stories now.

Context does help though. When we first meet Emily, it's in Very Dirty Stories #2. And "Another Day 1 (An Emily Story)" is actually the first Emily story that was written and edited. Unfortunately, it launches right into the mid-section of Tom and Emily's relationship. With a focus on her passions and her Master, the beginning and the end of their shared experiences is left to the imagination.

The better place to start for many readers is Very Dirty Stories #49 with "Quiet Nights In NJ 1 (An Emily Story)" and when Tom and Emily first meet. The extremes she explores with Tom as her Master are put in context when her fantasies and eager experimentation are understood right from the beginning of their first night together. Her somewhat excessive devotion to Tom makes so much more sense when the reader understands that he's the man who let her stay all night and didn't kick her out of his hotel room when they were done.

At the time, the complications of Emily's backstory were part of what drove "Another Day 1 (An Emily Story)" to be the first story sequence published. Some personal experiences are difficult to write about until there is a broader social awareness through media and world events to normalize what someone like Emily was going through. After all, a young widow who is lost in life after her military husband has died in the Middle East wasn't something most people could relate to in the 1990s and 2000s. Now, sadly, Emily's loss is something she shares in common with far too many families and lovers across North America and Europe.

  • She was about average height and build, but the local half of the bar was studiously looking the other way as she leaned over the makeshift DJ table to look at the song lists. Her skirt was about three inches too short, and she was a little unbalanced on very questionable high heels. The halter top she was wearing might have been fine on a teenager, but it looked wrong on a grown woman. The waitress noticed Tom looking puzzled, followed his gaze, and made a clicking noise with her tongue.

    "I'm surprised you haven't seen her before," she said. "She's usually here, but hides up around the back side of the bar."

    Tom quietly asked "Is she ok?"

    The waitress shook her head. "Started coming in here when her husband was deployed. He's not coming back, and she's still here. She's always been strange."

    Excerpt From "Quiet Nights In NJ 1 (An Emily Story)"

Emily and Tom really begin in "Quiet Nights in NJ" and the process of understanding Emily's emotional needs is part of what endears her to him. "Another Day" focuses on the pattern of sexual pleasures and routines that Emily and Tom enjoy after coming to a comfortable balance within their relationship.

What wasn't clear in the initial "Another Day" narrative was how much Tom genuinely cares about Emily. Some of that has a lot to do with what is going on in Tom's life, and Emily - nestled up in a cozy home in northern New Jersey - is a sanctuary and bubble of safety for Tom while he navigates his on and off again relationship with Angel.

In fact, "Another Day" sometimes comes across as more of a story about Tom and his recognition of his limits than about the deviant desires and perverse pleasures he pursues with Emily. He knows she wants to be told what to do, and he knows how much she wants his praise. But perhaps he feels too guilty or simply stretched too thin to give Emily the positive attention that he feels she deserves. When he introduces Sam in "Another Day 2 (An Emily Story)", Tom seems to be pairing Emily up with another man. Given the insight provided by "Quiet Nights In NJ", the introduction comes across as a much more friendly gesture intended to make sure Emily is taken care of and has a friend whom he trusts to be kind to her in every way she might need.

  • Emily waited until her Master and his handsome friend were in the room, and then she removed her terry cloth robe. She tried to retain her composure, but the way Sam's eyes opened wide put a huge smile on her face. She posed for him, her assets barely covered by her Lum costume. The leopard print demi cup bra and matching furry g-string failed to cover up her happiness and perky arousal.

    The thick piercings in Emily's nipples were pushing out through the cups, so she wasted no time reaching up and slipping them out of the top of the bra. She pushed the demi cups down, and the fabric folded and lifted her natural breasts up on display - a bit larger than a handful for Tom but a perfect match for Sam's big hands. Then Emily reached behind her back, dipped her long tawny hair toward Sam, and waited until she had his full attention. When she stood upright and flipped her hair back, her full breasts bounced completely loose and the bra came away in her hand.

    Tom watched Sam with a small smile on his face as well. He had settled on to the couch after guiding Sam fully into the room, and was enjoying the show. As expected Emily had taken Sam in with her girly charms. It was Tom's hope that as the show got more serious Sam would understand how much Emily needed attention and a more dedicated audience for her special pursuits.

    Excerpt From "Another Day 2 (An Emily Story)"

Emily's positive reaction to Sam and her playful way of teasing and drawing him out emphasize her natural desire to be appreciated. In the bar scene where Tom first meets Emily, that is all horribly distorted and broken. Emily lacks the social skills to fit in with others, and she naturally worries about what they think of her awkwardness. But that "trying too hard" air about Emily is utterly adorable in close intimate situations. Tom gets that, Sam falls for that, and eventually Helen falls in love Emily because of that.

Helen was the missing piece of his Emily's story. When you read about Tom, you know he's in a continual struggle to balance his personalities. Tom knows firsthand that the world is out to get him, and when he rages against the darkness and disorder of the world around him, Ronin comes out to howl in fury. There are critical breaking moments in Tom's life where he embraces his anger and distaste, and Angel, Marie, and Danielle are only some of the ladies who end up dealing with Ronin because Tom has worn thin and only his anger is sustaining him.

For a brief time, Emily is the secret fountain of renewal in Tom's life. So long as Tom has Emily, Ronin can be set aside. Not everyone is happy about this. Azure feels abandoned by Ronin when his rage is subdued and Tom's calmer emotions prevail.

  • As his fingers deftly caressed different parts of her pussy seeking to map her reactions to stimulation, Emily realized that he was humming to himself, some song endlessly playing loops in Tom's head, and Emily gathered up all her courage to reach down and touch him. It seemed so strange - she'd been in this exact room at the Best Western, staring at the ceiling as more than one man had hovered over her - and yet this was so different. Tom paused what he was doing between her thighs and looked up, a smile on his face, and blew a kiss to Emily.

    "You're not as loose as you promised," he chuckled. Tom's brown eyes and easy grin made it clear to Emily he was teasing her and not making fun of her body. "So I need to ask a favor." With one hand Tom swept back his short hair, feeling Emily's wetness touch his scalp, and then took her outstretched hand and squeezed Emily's fingers.

    The pause lasted a long time before Emily realized she was supposed to say something. "What... ummm... what favour?" She could feel Tom's fingers still inside of her pussy, but he had stopped moving them around. His grip on her hand and his sudden stillness made her nervous and a little concerned that she might have done something wrong.

    Tom slowly withdrew his fingers from Emily's warm wet vagina, and then stroked her labia and pushed her clitoris hood from side to side. He was looking down at Emily's sex, judging his words carefully, and when Tom looked at Emily she could see his compassion clearly. "I want things. Things between us. But I also want you to be whole, healthy, and ok. I don't want to do something that hurts you." He said his words hesitantly, aware that his intent might not be understood and might not be what Emily wanted to hear.

    The admission was so surreal that Emily was completely caught off guard. She'd been with rough men, and she'd gone home with some bruises and once a black eye. But Tom wasn't that sort of guy. And to say he wanted her to be well. It stuck in Emily's throat and all that escaped was a half sob before tears started rolling down her cheeks.

    She looked so vulnerable, and Tom felt like every pain that she had ever endured was crushing his chest and causing a deep ache inside of his core. He smiled and patted her soft lips one last time before moving up alongside Emily and holding her close. Tom accepted her into his arms as Emily turned and curled into his chest and wrapped herself around his strength. With his chin tucked against Emily's forehead and her tawny hair by his mouth, Tom spoke slowly and gently to the woman in his arms. "If you can be strong with me, if you can work with me, and if you can enjoy what we do together, then I can teach you to show me every pleasure I might want or need. But I can't be here every night, and I can't be with you every night. So we will work together to help you make friends, meet people, and that way I know you aren't alone when you cannot reach me." He kissed her head and nuzzled her soft hair while cradling and rocking Emily. "Ok?"

    Emily's sobs had stopped, and she was listening to Tom's words. He was sincere and genuine; she'd been lied to often enough to know the difference. She hugged him close and then uncurled so she could push her hair out of her face and look him in the eye. It was then that Emily had to take a deep breath and reach out in wonder - to stroke away the single tear on Tom's cheek. "Did I hurt you?" was all she could manage after staring at him for minutes that seemed like hours.

    "No, not you." Tom grimaced a bit. He never teared up and could barely cry when he demanded it of himself. But his personal life had been a mess lately, and here was this complete stranger - innocent and meaning well - and in a single afternoon she had given him more and worked harder to please him than Angel had for the majority of the prior year before their latest breakup. "When I tell you what I want from you then I expect one of three answers." He tried to be all business, but Tom knew Emily could tell he was still emotional. Her hands were stroking his cheek and his arms. He went ahead anyway. "I want a 'yes' or a 'no' or an alternative you suggest instead. Understood?"

    Excerpt From "Quiet Nights In NJ 3 (An Emily Story)"

And then Emily and Helen fall in love.

"Loving Helen" is the final story arc that ties off the loose ends of Tom and Emily's pleasures. What starts as a threesome - hinted at in "Another Day 3 (An Emily Story)" as Emily pursues new companions for her sexual adventures - becomes a full blown romance as the two women set aside their inhibitions and explore increasing deeper intimacies with one another. Tom is in the background, and "Another Day" continues alongside the evolving love story, but, in the end, Emily may have found the dedicated lover she has always been seeking.

  • Helen stretched out on her bed, enjoying the fresh scent of rose water on her skin mingling with the whisper of vanilla that lingered in the freshly washed linens. She was sore and swollen and so delightfully aware of her sex. Helen had checked for bite marks, welts, and bruises, but there weren't any. Somehow Emily and Tom had pushed her so far over the edge that Helen still felt the lingering motions of their hands, but it was all just an illusion. She sighed and turned over, feeling her fleshy labia tugged on by her thighs, and buried her face in a soft pillow.

    When Helen had her first play date with Emily, she had felt like she was in control. Emily was an absolute sweetheart, and Helen was sure she was also a bit simple. It gave Emily an air of innocence and a soft touch that Helen found alluring. She bit her lip, breathing in the darker scents captured in her pillow, and tried to replay the events. How Emily had shown her such enormous toys; how Helen had played into begging and pleading to try them herself; and how unexpectedly Emily had started asking her measurements and printed out a contract for her to sign. Helen laughed to herself and rolled onto her back. Just that motion combined with chuckling caused muscles deep in her pussy and rectum to twinge and complain. So Helen laughed harder and deeper, feeling her mirth resonant in her belly as the twinges became uneven spasms within her pelvis.

    She'd promised to do whatever it took to have big toys of her own. How could Helen resist? The glow of approval in Emily's eyes melted Helen's heart in an instant. Helen had to admit she'd do almost anything for that pretty blonde and her soft kisses. She was amazed when Emily turned shy and inhibited, after all the obvious sexual exhibitionism, and Helen quickly realized Emily had never gotten to that point - a woman in Emily's home, interested in playing with Emily - and Helen might be her first. Helen had already taken off her clothes, encouraged by Emily's exercise in measurements, and suddenly Helen realized how special this all might be.

    Helen spread her legs to let the heat escape from between her thighs. She wished she had installed an overhead fan in her bedroom - but Helen rarely had such intense hot flashes. So many things had happened in the last week, and it seemed like maybe, just maybe, she was falling in love.

    Excerpt From "Loving Helen 2 (An Emily Story)"

Don't pity Tom though. Ronin is a fundamental aspect of his nature and has been suppressed for too long. Much like Angel attempts to deny and eventually succumbs to her hunger for enormous toys and extreme physical challenges, Tom must embrace the rage and fury Ronin represents. To fail to do so would cripple him in the battles to come.

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Cherish Desire: Very Dirty Stories #49, Max, erotica Cherish Desire: Very Dirty Stories #49, Max, erotica Cherish Desire: Very Dirty Stories #49, Max, erotica Cherish Desire: Very Dirty Stories #49, Max, erotica

Very Dirty Stories #49

"Intensity 2 (A Danielle Story)"

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"Blonde Moments (A Jenny Story)"

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"Another Day 1 (An Emily Story)"

Emily’s master trains her to play with large toys. It’s part of a plan to open her body for his pleasure. Tom enjoys Emily’s hard work while she shows off by riding her largest dildo so far. [Includes: MF, Female Masturbation, Vaginal & Anal Penetration, Dildo Play & Implied Wearing, Piercing & Implied Tattoo, Stretching, D/s, BDSM, Implied Fisting, Implied Canine & Equine]

"Thoughts 1 (An Angel Story)"

His thoughts of Angel get him through the nights and long work days. The first fantasies of filling all three of Angel’s holes are his alone. [Includes: MF, Vaginal & Anal Sex, Vaginal & Anal Penetration, Implied Dildo Play, Implied Female Masturbation, Implied Double Penetration]

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Cherish Desire: Very Dirty Stories #76, Max, erotica

Cherish Desire: Very Dirty Stories #76, Max, erotica Cherish Desire: Very Dirty Stories #76, Max, erotica Cherish Desire: Very Dirty Stories #76, Max, erotica Cherish Desire: Very Dirty Stories #76, Max, erotica

Very Dirty Stories #76

"Loving Helen 1 (An Emily Story)"

Emily's new girlfriend, Helen, is complicating her relationship with Tom. Will the two sexy ladies be united by their love of toys despite the men in their lives? [Includes: MF, Vaginal Sex, Female Masturbation, Dildo Play & Wearing, Stretching, Vaginal & Anal Penetration, Fingering & Implied Fisting, Implied Cuckold, Implied D/s, Implied FF, Implied Threesome]

"Being More 2 (A Tracy Story)"

Pushing herself sexuality further includes going out to the monthly fetish party and mingling with the crowd. That's a big deal for Tracy, and she's drawing on self-confidence built up from mastering her sex toys and embracing intense desires. [Includes: Female Masturbation, Dildo Play & Wearing, Vaginal & Anal Penetration, Stretching, Clamping & Implied Suction Play, Fingering & Implied Fisting, Implied Piercing, Implied Lactation]

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