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Character Talks: Daphne (2012)

Character Talks: Daphne (2012)

Meet Daphne

Daphne's older neighbor, Nicolas, is willing to flirt right back and meet the younger woman's aggressive challenge while she inserts herself into his life. He'll even relent to training the sexy college student - taking her virginity and giving her sexual experiences that would be challenging for a woman already accustomed to fisting and stretching. But when Nicolas is gone, Daphne discovers a hole in her life that leads her to Ronin and Miska. From there, her choices are renewal of her first romance or pursuit of sexuality that will transform other men and women to suit her pleasures and fetishes.

Get Beneath the Surface

Nicolas introduces Daphne to seductive fetish desires, and Ronin shows her how to embrace her passion on her own.

This is the setting, in a suburban alcove within Chicago, where dads enjoy their steak dinners and beers and moms balance trying to keep up with trends while playing matchmaker to see their grown sons and daughters married. Daphne wanted to be different, to express her own interests, but it takes an accident to meet Nicolas and discover there really are other options.

Exchange virginity for extreme sexual pleasure.

Cherish Desire Ladies: Daphne

Go Behind The Scenes

"Character Talks: Daphne (2012)" is part of the original series of Character Talks discussing the experiences and relationships of individual Cherish Desire ladies in 2012.

Adulting with Daphne

Stories published in Very Dirty Stories titles don't necessary go in any specific order. Unlike a serial comic, erotica evolves in organic ways that reflect how relationships form, change, and fade only to be inspired by new experiences and passions that begin the cycle again. So a complex storyline - and what relationship isn't complex? - can take a while to sort itself out and find the words to express its intentions. After that, the story still has to be written down, reviewed, edited, and... shortly after publishing... then there's that a-ha moment because there are always a few really important asides or scenes which still remain to be written and sorted and need to be published next.

The benefit of Very Dirty Stories titles ties back to the conversational way we share stories now - in social media and in person. The short stories stand on their own, and there's no need to delay until every subplot and side adventure is captured. The incongruity of the order of the stories becomes a wonderful Catch 22 though - as any Angel fan will tell you after trying to sort out what came before or after one of her sexy misadventures. In casual conversation, we do much the same. The narratives of our lives are glimpses and not lengthy discourses. We share statuses without feeling the urge to express the nuance and depth that underlies an emoji. So this way of telling stories is very much aligned with how we listen to stories now.

For Daphne, this is a journey for self-identity. The slender young woman makes her first appearance in Very Dirty Stories #21, and "The Most Important Thing 1 (A Daphne Story)" sets up some rather delicate foreshadowing about who Daphne is after her relationship with Nicolas and in her moment of crisis facing Ronin.

This is a great place to start because, as you read the stories of Nicolas and Daphne, you realize this was always a love story doomed by the sort of mundane things that must happen as life marches blindly onward. Things like growing up and maturing... and Daphne is very young in "Nicolas And Daphne 1 (A Daphne Story)" when she meets her first lover. She's just 19 and living at home with her folks while taking some courses at the local community college. Starting with the quandary she faces over her sexual preferences and identity, there's much more to Daphne in the "The Most Important Thing" story arc than "Nicolas And Daphne" could convey.

  • She gripped the table's edge, looking away from him, obviously cornered. "Daphne."

    Her anxiety grew at this one word. Her body language was obvious - fear of failure, fear of screwing up, fear of not being good enough. Ronin took this in carefully and mentally made some notes. These were fairly straightforward insecurities, but there might be other things beneath the surface.

    Excerpt From "The Most Important Thing 1 (A Daphne Story)"

How we get to the point where Daphne is prone to anxiety and expecting negative feedback from people in authority isn't obvious. On closer examination though, it seems Daphne was always less socially confident and more awkward with people her own age so it's not surprising that her interpersonal skills and confidence are going to face challenges as she goes through her 20s.

The signs were always there after all. Right from the start when Nicolas meets her for the second time.

  • Daphne felt a little awkward and cautious even walking toward where she'd had her accident. Her mother had finally insisted after she had put it off for two weeks, and so she walked down the quiet street that she lived on and then down to the recreation center off the cul-de-sac to take a thank you note to Nicolas. Her parents had asked around and found out he usually wasn't home during the week. So it was just before dinner on a Saturday when Daphne headed out of her front door. Her mother was very clear that if Daphne wasn't mature enough to say thank you then she wasn't mature enough to go out that night or for the next month. Just thinking about how her mother was demanding her to do things livened up her steps. Daphne imagined that she was probably being spied on right then to make sure she went all the way to Nicolas' place and didn't just ditch the card at the shared mailboxes.

    Transforming her natural nervousness about going back to where the paramedics had to load her into an ambulance for the first time of her life into a rage against her mother's relentless villainy distracted Daphne enough to get her to Nicolas' door. As she lifted her hand to ring his doorbell, she was visibly trembling. She froze, unable to move, unable to say anything, anxiety paralyzing her, and at the moment of near panic when Daphne thought she would just run and run and never look back - the door opened.

    Excerpt From "Nicolas And Daphne 1 (A Daphne Story)"

The original publishing plan was to release "The Most Important Thing 2 (A Daphne Story)" before going forward with the "Nicolas And Daphne" storyline. Then Amazon consistently blocked attempts to publish "The Most Important Thing 2 (A Daphne Story)", and I had no reason to think they'd allow the story to be published in the future.

This was a major wrinkle since there are activities going on in Ronin's training school that dovetail quite nicely with developments between Nicolas and Daphne as he tests the limits of her fetishes and perverse fantasies.

  • It's important to note the anal spread was already sufficient for a good sized man's cock to easily penetrate her bottom. The specific species of cock is worth mentioning because the tan woman was decorated with a brood mare tattoo under her large left breast. The two earbuds were currently whispering to her about the pleasures of being bred to horses and other large hoofed animals, telling stories about herself amongst the big powerful animals, replaying fantasies about various sexual and natural events, with the left and right channels out of sync to force her mind to focus on one voice while the other played directly to her subconscious.

    The audio feedback and the rigorous pelvic preparation was quiet except for the occasional hiss of the mechanized tool or the faintest sound of the stories. The murmuring was the tan woman's own muttering as she responded to all the attention breaking through her inhibitions and enabling her to become what she intended to be. Over the last few months all her regular partners had been transitioned to wearing animal proportioned strap-on cock dildos as well as replicas of actual animal cocks. Several times a week she was given what she was told was an enema and douche of horse ejaculate - with large plugs fitted into her openings to keep the animal cum inside of her body for a few hours before it was rinsed out. Play scenes aligned with elements from the explicit stories whispered into her ears, and each experience became anchored with sensations encouraged and programmed into her tender flesh.

    Excerpt From "The Most Important Thing 2 (A Daphne Story)" which was basically banned from Amazon for two years.

As a result, one crucial aspect of the original release for "Nicolas And Daphne 1 (A Daphne Story)" had to be updated during editing. There was no sex scene in the initial story, and that could no longer be a viable opener for teh storyline.

Very Dirty Stories generally aim to give the reader a happy ending, but when the "Nicolas And Daphne" stories were being plotted out, the first story was really meant to introduce Daphne and set the stage for what followed. With a major portion of the "The Most Important Thing" foreshadowing storyline missing, more was needed to bridge the leap from "Nicolas And Daphne 1 (A Daphne Story)" to "Nicolas And Daphne 2 (A Daphne Story)" and encourage readers to plunge into Daphne's intense sexual experiences as she gives her virginity up to enjoy deviant pleasures with her older neighbor.

At least, that was Moon's point of view, and she had a powerful vote on several storylines. Daphne is still one one of her favorite characters, and she was very stubborn about Daphne getting into the sexy right upfront for reasons.

The resulting publishing cycle led to three Daphne storyline series being released concurrently. The start of her relationship, the exploration of her fetishes, and - with a noticeable gap - her involvement with Ronin.

"Nicolas And Daphne" focuses on Daphne's sexual rebellion when she meets Nicolas and discovers that her fetish fantasies and perverse passions will be met with approval and can be channeled into specific acts of mutual pleasure.

The "Birthday Weekend" stories include Daphne's first experiences attending a fetish event as well as her first trip to Europe. She goes to Torture Garden in London, of course. For Daphne, this is a fantasy come true, but Nicolas' familiarity with Heathrow, London, and other attendees makes it clear that he may have wanted her along for the company more than anything else.

"The Most Important Thing" storyline explores the impact of Daphne's relationship with Nicolas. Whether it was all too much, too fast, or other events have driven her into recovery, she's very uncertain about her role and her identity in relationships when dealing with Ronin. "The Most Important Thing" becomes a showcase of the many desires exceed the ordinary and which Ronin encourages with Miska's help. Fate seems to lead Daphne directly to a man who would recognize her from fetish parties and can relate to her insecurity.

  • "I've made it this far though," Daphne thought to herself while stroking her hand. "I just need to copy this stuff down." With that she pursed her lips and wrinkled her brow. She read a bit then she took up the pen and began copying down bits of the contract. After a few minutes her hand hurt, and she started to just copy over particular sentences. She shook her hand two or three times, then decided to just underline the important stuff in the contract and write it out later.

    Ronin watched Daphne on a monitor in a windowless room nearby. He was glad to see her make an effort, but he also saw how her choice to redact that effort more and more was leading her to possibly failing to do what was asked of her. She would need to be pushed a bit harder, but she had the pliability to be successful. He took some notes about her underlying anxiety and what it seemed to respond to best. He also made some notes about developing her stamina and focus. Then he watched her some more waiting for the moment he would return and sit beside her to guide her through finishing the task.

    For all intents and purposes, Daphne was already in the academy. These steps were just dotting the i's and crossing the t's while giving Ronin additional intelligence about her motivations and fortitude.

    Excerpt From "The Most Important Thing 2 (A Daphne Story)"

From each encounter with Daphne, we learn more about her motivations and how she internalizes her desires.

Young 19 year old Daphne is winning as she lures her older neighbor, Nicolas, to reciprocate her flirting. Yet there's already a sense that she's plunged into deep waters and may be in over her head.

  • Maybe that was another part of the attraction. She knew Nicolas was drawn to her. And she knew that he wished he wasn't. Every time she came over, every time she taunted and teased him - she was winning. And after a slow start, he teased her right back. That first time, when he simply told her that he was not a romantic so she should move on to someone her own age... and wiggling her ass at him made him stop in mid-sentence. Yeah. She was winning with the only part of her he hadn't seen and explored being between her thighs.

    To make up for that he put such insanity in her head. He tempted her with delights and demands - teased her to orgasm without even touching her pussy - and then would sigh and remind her of her vow to be chaste until marriage. Most of her female friends, in fact probably all of them, had been having sex since they were 15 or 16. She saw withholding sex and keeping things above the waist as her way of being different. And Nicolas was slowly taking advantage of Daphne's need to be different by proposing other ways she could be just as different or moreso.

    Excerpt From "Nicolas And Daphne 2 (A Daphne Story)"

At the same time, we know Daphne is asserting herself and trying to define her boundaries with men her age. She can be very firm about what she wants and is willing to confront men who try to force her into sexual intimacy.

  • Daphne pushed her boyfriend's hand off her thigh for the third time. "You just keep pushing your luck," she said softly as they continued to neck and make out. He didn't say anything, probably wisely as he wasn't known for his wit, but went ahead and worked his arm around her shoulders and pulled her onto his lap. She sighed out of irritation, and reached down alongside his inner thigh - fishing for his cock. The position didn't make it easy because he didn't spread his legs enough, but she finally wormed her hand between his inner thighs and had a grip on his pulsing manhood. He moved in response, actually pulling away from her hand, hoping to free his belt and open his trousers for her, but before he got very far she squeezed tight and crushed his shaft with her fingers.

    "Fuckin' ow," he said brusquely and pushed her hand and arm away.

    "Oh, you don't like it? Then why the fuck do you think it's ok to do the same thing to my breasts?"

    Excerpt From "Nicolas And Daphne 4 (A Daphne Story)"

There's no doubt Daphne is considering her options, and she struggles to understand what really makes Nicolas tick as she grows more and more interested in capturing his attention and fostering his attraction for her.

  • Nicolas paused when he noticed Daphne was forming a question. She had to work through the thought, and then she asked as delicately as she could, "So you prefer damaged cunts?" It seemed a logical conclusion despite the strangeness Daphne felt as she said the words out loud to Nicolas.

    Nicolas had to think about that. He let the shower spray tease his chest and belly while his thoughts focused inward. When Nicolas returned his gaze to Daphne he responded, "Yes and no." That bought him another moment to think it through, and then he shrugged. "I think we all take some damage from life. I don't think I seek that out specifically, though it's a side effect of experience. Perhaps that's why I'm so reluctant to have you rush the experience... since you'll be rushing the good part while likely incurring the lasting damage."

    Daphne nodded. "I need to know more." She was thinking, wondering if this was such a good idea or if she was just being foolish. Then she realized everything Nicolas had said was superficial so far. "What if..." she started to ask while looking her older lover in the face. "What if I don't care how it looks or what other people see? I don't parade around showing off my body to people now, and I don't think I'll be doing that any time soon. What else should I know?"

    Excerpt From "Nicolas And Daphne 6 (A Daphne Story)"

This becomes her challenge: Nicolas isn't asking Daphne what she would like to be because he's mostly worried about what she is doing and her motivations for doing it. Daphne is emotionally and physically invested in Nicolas, and she's definitely feeling out what she can do to keep his interest as well as go above and beyond to wow him when she can.

Daphne is increasingly open about deliberately performing for Nicolas to reward the pivotal role he has come to fulfill in her life. "Birthday Weekend 4 (A Daphne Story)" picks up after the "Nicolas And Daphne" stories and carries things forward after a brief hiatus when I was aggressively chasing down the Object Confessions series. Daphne's feelings for Nicolas have matured from the teasing of their early flirting and taunting, and she's comfortable pushing his buttons with the confidence of a woman who knows what her partner enjoys.

  • "And then I realized: this was you giving me my dream. My dream of being there, of being in London, at Torture Garden, in amazing latex outfits that would make me look so beautiful. And just like any other man... you didn't get me a single pair of shoes! So I got distracted while I ordered a few pairs and they should be delivered tomorrow or Wednesday. Just in time!"

    Now Nicolas was laughing. He had forgotten shoes. He shook his head and lightly swatted Daphne's bottom.

    "But if this is my dream then I should see what dream of yours I could give you." Daphne took a breath and looked over her shoulder at Nicolas. She was very serious when she continued. "I realized Clyde and Wolfie were part of that, but I'd never taken that to heart. And I still had your instructions - all those training notes from long ago - right where I stashed them... so I checked them. And..."

    Excerpt From "Birthday Weekend 4 (A Daphne Story)"

Daphne is increasingly open about deliberately performing for Nicolas to reward the pivotal role he has come to fulfill in her life. "Birthday Weekend 4 (A Daphne Story)" picks up after the "Nicolas And Daphne" stories and carries things forward after a brief hiatus when I was aggressively chasing down the "Object Confessions" series. Daphne's feelings for Nicolas have matured from the teasing of their early flirting and taunting, and she's comfortable pushing his buttons with the confidence of a woman who knows what her partner enjoys.

Slender, lean, and just nineteen when "Nicolas And Daphne 1 (A Daphne Story)" starts, Daphne is just starting to realize her own physical limits, and possibly beginning to truly grasp how often her sexual adventures with Nicolas will leave her sore in "Nicolas And Daphne 6 (A Daphne Story)" when it's obvious how far she's willing to go to explore Nicolas' lust and her own pleasure.

Her underlying attraction for Nicolas seems to have more to do with how easily he treats her with respect, acknowledges her as an adult, and has to be chased rather than resisted. There are undoubtedly benefits that his experience and calm bring to the table, and she's definitely comfortable with having an older man supporting her as the physical changes caused by their extreme play have to be faced. It's through the tenderness of his response, the care without alarm, and how he soothes Daphne without needing to ever ask that she is ultimately won over.

  • He found her there, naked in the hot water, stretched out with her hands over her head. Nicolas smiled at her well formed body and tone limbs. There was a hint of pink in the water as it curled around her thighs and flowed to where the Holmes toy laid at her feet. The pale flesh coloured dong had some blood spots near the head that were quickly being rinsed away.

    Nicolas said nothing. He knew pushing and driving a two and half inch wide cock ten inches deep into Daphne would cause some tearing and damage. It was something they both quietly acknowledged and accepted. What she was asking him to do next though - Daphne didn't know intellectually nor emotionally what that would mean. Not today nor in the future. Nicolas held that back for now. He would inform her, show her, but until Daphne experienced it herself, it wouldn't mean much. Instead he picked up a luffa and added citrus body wash. Then he carefully pushed Daphne's hair to one side and began washing her shoulders and back with gentle strokes.

    His firm hand pulled the luffa across her skin, and Daphne felt a mixture of freshness and brush burn. "Softer," she said quietly, and waited for Nicolas to comply. He did and the luffa began to skate over her skin without any deep scrubbing. Daphne laughed, the sound warm and bubbly in the enclosed shower, and that made her laugh some more. Then she sputtered as her guts cramped, and for a moment Daphne thought she'd be sick, but she also couldn't stop laughing even though it hurt to do so. Nicolas put his hands on her, straightening her out a bit, and gently massaged the hot water over her belly while kissing the back of her neck.

    Excerpt From "Nicolas And Daphne 6 (A Daphne Story)"

Definitely committed, no doubts remain after the cut scene ending in "Nicolas And Daphne 6 (A Daphne Story)" which emphasizes Daphne has a routine and she's charging forward with play that is mutually satisfying for her and Nicolas.

  • Daphne took out the post-it note with her daily video reminders. Then she went over to the toy chest and took out her favorites. The first required two hands to carry - a stump shaped horse cock that was four inches across with a flat spongy head and squat thick seven inch long shaft. The brown and white silicon was as heavy as a bowling ball. Her other two toys were easier to manage. She grabbed the long three inch wide cock topped with an apple sized glans next. Its ten inch cyberskin shaft was heavily veined giving it irregular ribbing that Daphne felt flexing in her hand. Then she scooped up a four inch long smooth steel shaft. The bullet shape included an inch thick bore shaft through the center and a pull ring that folded into the base. The plug was heavy, and Daphne picked out the rubber cuff that went with it while letting the base rest on the toy chest corner.

    The steel plug would be the last toy for the show, so Daphne set it on the bedside table with its fitted O ring cuff. Then she set up the video camera and tripod, did a test shot to confirm the lens was focused on the right spot, and climbed into bed with a towel and big bottle of lube.

    Excerpt From "Nicolas And Daphne 7 (A Daphne Story)"

She's also honestly enjoying the changes she's made to her body with Nicolas. Unfortunately, only he understands the warnings he gently offers to her, and Daphne simply doesn't have the experience to realize how different she is becoming from other women her age.

In addition to alienation from her peers, Daphne faces two ticking time bombs that linger in the background and which, as a nineteen going on twenty year old, she is not anticipating.

The first is her parents. Daphne's mom was always a snoop and a sneak, and there's no way that her mother is turning a blind eye to Daphne's interest in Nicolas. What her dad thinks remains to be seen. Given the pressure Nicolas must have exerted to make sure Daphne got her passport and was then able to travel with him on some weekend trips and finally over to London, daddy is bound to start getting very protective very soon. Nicolas knows this is brewing, but Daphne isn't doing anything to make it better. By vanishing to Nicolas' house even when he isn't home and rebuffing the dates that her parents are trying to set up for her, she actually makes matters worse for herself. While she's learning to be an adult with Nicolas, she's still acting like an adolescent within her family.

The second is time. Nicolas is traveling for work, and it's arguably for a reason that he needs to be out of pocket so often. By putting Daphne on the road with him some weekends, Nicolas is spreading himself thinner and thinner. She doesn't understand how independent he is and how little he really needs from anyone, and that lack of perspective risks creating a very unbalanced relationship between them. Eventually a phone call is bound to come, and Nicolas will have to go wherever he's wanted. How Daphne can balance needing him more than he needs her and what sort of lifestyle they could establish remains to be seen.

Perhaps that's exactly what leads Daphne to Ronin. After all, eventually she is feeling rejected, like she's done something wrong, and seeking a way to be better. Her confident voice is broken, and she stammers and stutters generalities to Ronin during her interview in "The Most Important Thing 1 (A Daphne Story)" while trying to express her personal needs and goals.

Given Ronin's reach and his soft spot for young women in distress, you have to wonder if he'll do the honorable thing. Maybe he'll make the call to Nicolas and reconnect the two star crossed lovers - this time having taught Daphne more about who she is and what she can be to present to the man she is missing so much.

Or maybe Ronin has been waiting for Daphne to come to him because he's had his eye on her since her first Torture Garden in London.

  • Graceful and serene, her lean body slicing through the water inches above the teal bottom of the pool, Daphne could feel the turbulence against her breasts and abdomen as she crossed the demarcation between the deep end and shallow end. She remembered when she first swam here, trying to hold her breath from the point of diving in to the far side. Now it was her usual routine, the first lap spent letting her entire body be immersed in the water, and then focusing all her energy in synchronizing her movements as she swam back and forth at a race pace.

    A part of her felt no different than before. But the changes were there, and Daphne enjoyed them. She could feel the way the water streamed across her pelvis and then seemed to linger and swirl at her vaginal opening. Even gliding like this, soundlessly across the bottom of the swim lane, Daphne could perceive the lingering stretching and openness of her vagina and ass. She swam feeling the way her longer labia were tucked into her swim suit and her thighs buffeted against them as Daphne turned at the lane's end and scissor kicked hard to maintain the momentum of her push off. She felt it the way her buttocks separated easily, and the smooth material of her suit tried to narrow and floss the cleft between her buttocks. And Daphne felt it when she finally finished her morning swim, carefully adjusting before swinging up on to the ladder and stepping out of the pool.

    She wore a navy blue one piece suit with white vertical stripes. Daphne ordered this suit after trying on her old swim suit and realized she was a bit too obvious to wear a suit that hugged her body without any distraction. This suit had an attached skirt, coming down to her upper thigh in two pieces - one across the front and one across the back. Ironically her parents had wanted to see the new swim suit, worried Daphne might have ordered something very revealing or worse. They were quite happily surprised she chose something so modest.

    Excerpt From "Nicolas And Daphne 8 (A Daphne Story)"

Maybe Daphne should have an installment plan ready for the Wulf as well. Or appeal to his better half, Alice, who has an incorrigible stud fetish.

  • Daphne smiled to herself. Nicolas never told her much about the times before she knew him, but she guessed at a lot. On the inside of his left arm, starting at the depression of the inner elbow and stretching an inch down his forearm, Nicolas had a pale scar that troubled him when he slept. Daphne hadn't found anything like it on the internet - it wasn't the result of a common surgery anyway - and when she watched Nicolas' sleeping body testing the muscles again and again she imagined it was some sort of valiant injury that left a psychological imprint. Daphne bent close to Nicolas' arm and lightly kissed his bicep and continued with soft pecks down to his wrist. Just like times before, the arm slowed and then stopped moving, and Daphne wondered what Nicolas was dreaming about when she kissed him like that. He could be such a mystery.

    With a laugh that was as soft and cushioned as the pillows under Nicolas' head, Daphne accepted that. "My mystery man," she murmured to herself and then she went over to his luggage. Nicolas hadn't gotten very far into his bags, but his bathroom stuff was taken out and that meant Daphne's special bag was accessible. She had to push the large soft sided luggage around a bit to flip back one half, and then Daphne could tug her special zip sack from where it was nestled in a jacket alongside snack bags.

    Daphne took the heavy bag and Nicolas' toiletries to the bathroom. She knew how he liked his stuff set out by the sink, and it only took an extra couple of minutes. When he was ready to wash up, Nicolas would appreciate her help. The little things mattered a lot to him. Then Daphne opened her own kit. Inside was a large quart sized ziplock with a pump bottle of thick creamy lube and a squeeze bottle of super slippery oil-like lube. She set those out, checking for any leakage, and was quite happy that both bottles seemed intact.

    In order to take her toys out, Daphne had to turn the zip sack inside out. Clyde - with his enormous flared four inch wide head and only a small dome to provide enough taper to fit into Daphne's increasingly stretched pussy - caught on the fabric of the sack, and she had to ease him out bit by bit so she didn't rough up his smooth brown and white shaft. Folding the unzipped opening down, the fabric snagged on the new hollow steel plug and the ziplock with the thick O ring styled rubber cuffs that could be wrapped around its base. Daphne had to slow herself down, willing her fingers to work the sack deliberately around the awkward shapes, and then she was able to release Clyde and the plug fittings at the same time. Of course the heavy steel plug tried to roll off the counter top, but Daphne pinned it to the edge with her thigh. Letting it drop would make a racket, and if it landed on her foot then Daphne was sure she'd disturb all of London with her cursing.

    She regretted that Nicolas had only let her bring this much. Daphne wanted to spend more time with Wolfie - the oversized canine dildo that Nicolas had gotten her - but Nicolas insisted that she keep her packing to a minimum so whatever she brought got well used and thus was worth lugging across the Atlantic and back again. In general Nicolas had accepted her offer to earn the trip and latex clothing - but he had also pushed back any piercings or tattoos until after they got back. Daphne suspected he was a bit worried about doing too much at once, but all Nicolas said was that healing and air travel did not mix well together.

    "So installment plan for the afternoon and evening," Daphne said while eyeing Clyde. She had grown fond of riding the big grotesque faux horse cock. Still, Daphne knew what she wanted to do to wow Nicolas. It was good that he had fallen asleep; she enjoyed the idea of him waking up to discover her plugged for him.

    Excerpt From "Birthday Weekend 6 (A Daphne Story)"

The stories continue. We'll just have to wait to see how they turn out!

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Cherish Desire Singles: Nicolas And Daphne (The Complete Nine Part Series), Daphne, Nicolas, Max, erotica Cherish Desire Singles: Nicolas And Daphne (The Complete Nine Part Series), Daphne, Nicolas, Max, erotica, Print Edition

Cherish Desire Singles: Nicolas And Daphne (The Complete Nine Part Series), Daphne, Nicolas, Max, erotica Cherish Desire Singles: Nicolas And Daphne (The Complete Nine Part Series), Daphne, Nicolas, Max, erotica Cherish Desire Singles: Nicolas And Daphne (The Complete Nine Part Series), Daphne, Nicolas, Max, erotica Cherish Desire Singles: Nicolas And Daphne (The Complete Nine Part Series), Daphne, Nicolas, Max, erotica

Cherish Desire Singles:
Nicolas And Daphne (The Complete Nine Part Series)

Daphne may only be 19, but she's teasing Nicolas with all she's got! Can she live up to her daring taunts and is Nicolas willing to risk falling for her?

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Nicolas And Daphne (The Complete Nine Part Series) featuring Daphne kicks off with flirting that leads to sexual experiences that inspire so much more. Daphne doesn't just lose her virginity to her older neighbor - they go much, much further.

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  • "Nicolas And Daphne 1 (A Daphne Story)"
  • "Nicolas And Daphne 2 (A Daphne Story)"
  • "Nicolas And Daphne 3 (A Daphne Story)"
  • "Nicolas And Daphne 4 (A Daphne Story)"
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  • "Nicolas And Daphne 6 (A Daphne Story)"
  • "Nicolas And Daphne 7 (A Daphne Story)"
  • "Nicolas And Daphne 8 (A Daphne Story)"
  • "Nicolas And Daphne 9 (A Daphne Story)"
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Cherish Desire: Very Dirty Stories #70, Birthday Weekend Special, Max, erotica

Cherish Desire: Very Dirty Stories #70, Brthday Weekend Special, Max, erotica Cherish Desire: Very Dirty Stories #70, Brthday Weekend Special, Max, erotica Cherish Desire: Very Dirty Stories #70, Brthday Weekend Special, Max, erotica Cherish Desire: Very Dirty Stories #70, Brthday Weekend Special, Max, erotica

Very Dirty Stories #70: Birthday Weekend Special

Four wonderful stories as Natalya, Max, Alexi, Andrea, Tom, Moon, Ian, Daphne, and Nicolas all converge on London for an amazing weekend of fetish parties. Dedicated to the awesomeness that happens one weekend each year when Torture Garden holds three nights of parties back to back for Birthday Weekend.

"Birthday Weekend 1 (A Natalya Story)"

Natalya had to prepare for their trip to London for Birthday Weekend. Max expects intense bottom achievements, including her eleven inch dildo, and that requires some shocking encouragement. [Includes: MF, Dildo Play & Wearing, Vaginal & Anal Penetration, Cervical Play, Electro Play, Canine, Double Penetration & Implied Triple Penetration, Implied D/s]

"Birthday Weekend 2 (An Alexi & Andrea Story)"

Pre-party hardcore action in the hotel room is the beginning of an awesome sex weekend in London. Join Alexi, Andrea, and Tom for their sexy fun in London for Torture Garden Birthday Weekend! [Includes: MF, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism (Striptease), Implied FF, Implied MFF, Implied Dildo Play & Wearing, Implied Object Insertion (Wine Bottle, Spigot, Balloon), Implied Vaginal & Oral & Anal Penetration, Implied Stretching, Tattoo & Piercing, Implied Rubber & Latex Wear]

"Birthday Weekend 3 (A Moon Story)"

Moon soothes Jennifer with kisses while Ian wraps her in a rope corset and teases her with wearing chiming steel balls. Jennifer's first orgasm is just a warm up for their Torture Garden Birthday Weekend. [Includes: MFF, Bondage & Restraints, Object Insertion (Baoding Balls), Fingering & Implied Double Fisting & Triple Fisting, Vaginal Penetration, Implied Vibrator Play (Hitachi), Implied Vaginal & Oral & Anal Sex, Threesome]

"Birthday Weekend 4 (A Daphne Story)"

Nicolas' gift of latex outfits and tickets to London for Torture Garden Birthday Weekend are Daphne's dream come true. She's determined to live up to his fantasies in exchange, including the taboo pleasures he first teased her with. [Includes: MF, Fingering & Fisting, Vaginal & Implied Anal Penetration, Implied Rubber & Latex Wear & Fetish, Implied Stretching, Implied Dildo Play & Wearing, Implied Double Penetration, Implied Canine & Equine, Implied Enema Play, Implied Tattoo & Piercing]

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Cherish Desire: Very Dirty Stories #21, Max, erotica

Cherish Desire: Very Dirty Stories #21, Max, erotica Cherish Desire: Very Dirty Stories #21, Max, erotica Cherish Desire: Very Dirty Stories #21, Max, erotica Cherish Desire: Very Dirty Stories #21, Max, erotica

Very Dirty Stories #21

"The Most Important Thing 1 (A Daphne Story)"

Don't you wish there was someplace to learn how to be really good at sex? To get rid of all the worries and fear, move past the hurtful words and sense of impending rejection, because you certifiably know what you're doing? Daphne comes to Ronin's academy hoping to be better. [Includes: Female Masturbation, Vaginal & Anal Penetration, Sex Machine, Dildo Play, Double Penetration, Implied D/s]

"Duty Calls (An Anime Girl Story)"

Tom beckons and Theta knows what her sexual responsibilities are. How could she forget with the heavy piercings in her labia as a constant reminder? His fist and her horse dildo just prove that Theta's ready to serve his desires. [Includes: MF, D/s, Vaginal & Anal Penetration, Vaginal Sex, Fingering & Fisting, Double Fisting, Double Penetration, Dildo Play, Pony Girl, Equine, Implied Stretching, Implied Breeding]

"Bottom First (An Angel Story)"

Angel's determined to enjoy herself however she wants. She may not share all the details with Ronin, but his big toys are forcefully driving her to orgasm. [Includes: Female Masturbation, Dildo Play, Anal & Implied Vaginal Penetration, Implied Fisting, Implied Double Penetration]

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