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Other Stories

Other Stories

Divide and conquer.

Other Stories was originally intended to be the collection of erotica that was focused more on Max or Tom than a specific Cherish Desire Lady. With the development of Pursuit of Purpose and Journal of the Wulf, these are now distinct story collections to make navigation and discovery easier for readers.

Distinct Desires

Max enjoys getting into unique situations while exploring his lust and seeking companions with their own perverse passions.

Tom & Ronin explore a world full of powerful surprises and intense sexual stimulation. Even ghosts are drawn to the Wulf's feverish lust and rage.

Tangled passions seeking clarity...

Cherish Desire Ladies: Other Stories

The Faithful Seekers of Purpose

Confront the madness in Pursuit of Purpose

Some men and women seek out fulfillment and pleasure. Some seek out excellence or focus on developing their experience. Max pursues purpose while lighting candles for each altar that grows cold and slowly fades into oblivion from neglect. Meaning is in everything. Pleasure and pain, ignorance and intelligence, darkness and light, dominance and submission all come to a single point of refinement: Purpose. Desire alone isn’t enough, and the shadows conceal wicked delights and affectionate indulgences.


Max delves into the darkness in hopes of harnessing passion and fury.

The Ladies of Object Confessions allow pleasure to lead them into the shadows of lust and obsession.

Wouldn't you want it to mean something?

Cherish Desire Ladies: Pursuit of Purpose

Uncover Max's Secrets

Pursuit Of Purpose

The Affections of the Wulf’s Journal

Passions define the Wulf's heart.

It was the single greatest gift that her father passed down to her. His exploration of the world - the familiar and the unexpected - as well as notes on the various entities that he encountered was intended to provide her with a guide and protection. Safeguarded by Andrea and Alexi until she was old enough to face the eldritch horrors that her father stumbled across and mature enough to understand the perversions of his experiences in context, these journal stories are fragments of Tom and Ronin’s mistakes, experiments, and exploration of faith. The wulf never understood humanity, so he wrote down everything that might give his family a chance to survive amongst the primates and their passions.

Legacy of the Wulf

Some of his ladies are known by name. Others were collision of expectations, desires, and unexpected encounters. The Wulf left his Journal knowing that his experiences would matter and be forgotten.

Pay the price for affection.

Cherish Desire Ladies: Journal of the Wulf

The Affections of the Wulf

Journal of the Wulf

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